The Mirror:

It is with an uncanny sensation of fright and splendor that entices me to work in the cold dead hours of the night. Oh, but with such diligence and brilliance I worked each night, my appetite growing ravenous with each bolt, each wire and circuit merged with the frigid steel of a 10 foot high door. I could feel the tingling vibrations of space and time begging for me to unveil their cloak of infinite knowledge and wisdom, for I, Dr. Richard Clark was selected by the universe to be the great architect of a new era in discovery. My Colleagues, for I graciously refer to them, were always spiteful, glaring at me, as they bickered and dissected every equation snickering rude remarks of my apparent “delusions” towards greatness. Oh how they will see, oh yes, they will all see… for I have been stricken by madness, a madness for success that knows no bounds. Their words have become nothing, nothing more than illusive insults, for what more can they be to a mind that surpasses beyond. It was almost time now, the towering door stood stagnant in its cold dark steel, it glared back at me, with its mechanical wisdom, enticing me with its wires, circuits to lead me beyond the walls of my domicile. It is 2:58 am, just two more minutes and I will give you what you want, and you, I. I made the final adjustments to the mother board, ensuring that all the algorithms were in place and the capacitors were at full charge. Urgently, I placed a camera on a tripod just eight feet away from the steel door, oh yes they will all see, for they now sit upon the presipace of a new era or discovery! I remarked.

3 am the hour of mischief has arrived ironically the most suitable hour to disrupt the order of things. I rushed to the camera glee with euphoria and stood beyond its truth capturing lens, I began: “I am Dr. Richard Clark, it is exactly 3 am with 15 seconds, on Tuesday June 19th 1986, I stand before you, with a device I have come to name The Mirror, in just a moment I will pull the lever on my right side, and in doing so it should trigger ..if done correctly, a conglomerate of millions of infinitely small worm holes, that will collectively create a thin fabric enabling us to see and potentially travel…into another dimension or quite possibly another universe. However, in adverse to that theory it could trigger a collapsing particle and in such create a singularity with infinite mass and gravity, evidently… we will all perish… in any case without further hesitation, let us begin”. Pulling the lever was the single most gratifying, yet terrifying moment of my existence. As the switch struck down, the sound of the generators roared like Thor’s hammer breaking through a slab of the mightiest concrete, and a sudden overbearing mantis green light outlined the crevices of the door as it seeped through and devoured the once mundane coconut colored walls in the room. The transformers hummed as the high voltage electrical arcs forming what can only be described as that of Jacob’s ladder, I can feel the wall tremors intensify and the titanium door begin to tremble, “it will work” I thought to myself. I could not help but observe with glee, I was but a mere spectator now in the creation of a gateway beyond time and space. The transformer was steaming, “Just a bit more you imbecile, do not rob me of the opportunity for triumph” I exclaimed as I stared aimlessly into the green abyss, suddenly all the electrical equipment began to shatter, I retreated towards a metallic blast shield where my kitchen wall use to be (I had thought of everything you see!),MadScience2V
the transformer released one last devilish roar in the struggle to release the last bit of resistance it could muster, the sound was deafening producing a tinnitus that would last several minutes, the explosion felt swift and powerful, yet nothing was eviscerated, no, instead my prototype particle accelerators stood quietly, lifeless as if it were the abandoned laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein himself. Frigid, dark with the absolute absence of sound, a vacuum of space it seemed, was all that was left, my sheer breathing released a thick cloud of heated vapor, a thick fog clouded my vision and yet among that like the descriptions of those in near death experience, there it was…the mantis colored hue pulsating beyond the door, humming with every pulse…The sound became entrancing, singing to me, just urging me to open the door and unfold the secrets behind it I tell you! The visual recording device! I ran vigorously towards the door to find the camera on the floor, and the video was still running miraculously, unscathed, “a truly unexpected turn of events” I thought to myself as undoubtedly the device had to have been bombarded with copious amounts of electromagnetic pulses and radiation.
Yes, onward I urged for the true discovery lies beyond this gate, the manual override was just inches away, I nudged it upward, as it seemed to be nearly melted to the core, the euphoria and endorphins gave me strength that seemed to mirror that of Hercules. In one swift motion, the lever rose and the door slid to the top of its metallic hinges, slowly rising. I stood steadfast, ready for anything I could encounter; the frigid room became colder, reaching what felt like absolute zero. As it opened to near completion, I could see him and he me…there he was… standing before me in both awe and disbelief…it was a young blonde man, with black frame glasses wearing a grey uniform, he was well kept, the insignia on a small right corner of his chest appeared to be a falcon or an eagle, however it was half torn. In sudden unison we remarked at the top of our lungs “It worked!” said I; “Es funktionierte!” said he; too overwhelmed by euphoria to notice what language he was speaking, we danced around the room like circus clowns. Remarkable, the idea that my next door neighbor was now a young German man from another dimension, 3:30 am now… the hour of mischief is still young, I could not curb my enthusiasm any longer…I must cross over.
“Wait, wait! I exclaimed we have to stop and understand the caliber of what is happening here! We…I am a triumphant mega savant; they will shower me with relentless compliments and apologies…those absentminded fools! I have done it! I have broken the boundaries of our dimension and discovered a plane of existence into another”. But before I could progress, the young man approached the door as close as he could without crossing over the green light; he began, “we have created the same machine, in the same position and the same time, we have discovered a parallel universe, however crossing over could have consequences that we have yet to consider!”, his English although coherent, it could only be enunciated phonetically as described in the following manner “Vee have creazed ze zame machine…” truly remarkable to believe that he had in fact been building the same device…brilliant Germans, I thought to myself.
I stood in awe, and began to walk closer towards the door, “I shall cross over with my camera into your world and record its differences from mine” I stated; “Nein, we mustn’t, the consequences could be severe…for you, we don’t even know if you could cross the doorway!”. “Nonsense, all scientific discoveries must be done with the thrill of death, vaporization or the combination of both my boy!” Yet in one swift motion I closed my eyes and ran across the door and into the light mantis mist.

“Alas! We have done it, do you see, mad they called me, but it was they whom are mad” I exclaimed,

the German scientist added “Yes, yes truly a monumental moment, one of which we have been waiting for…wait, since you are here we should collect data regarding each others parallel existence, there could be paramount differences”

My overwhelming desire for knowledge, hindered my better judgment of character, after all how could we trust each other…for neither of our intentions were clear. Despite my inner turmoil, I decided it was best for me to venture off into his world, while he explore mine…two scientist on the search for discovery I thought. “Yes, absolutely…we shall switch places for a total of say, ten minutes then return back to the mirror.” I replied.

“wait, you dubbed it the mirror? My device is named Spiegel as well, profoundly incredible how we have chosen the exact same name for the device.” He replied while we exchanged ego boosting smiles.

“Yes, yes indeed…apparently brilliant minds share bonds even beyond space and time. Now, off we go and be back in exactly ten minutes right at this spot. Oh and before you go, what is your name? ” I replied.

He paused for a moment, I thought nothing of it…after all uncovering a gateway into another dimension would also render my brain with some form of amnesia…I suppose I should be happy he didn’t ask me what my birthday was;“My name is Dr. Hantz Grossenstein, und you are?”; “Dr. Richard Clark…” I returned. With a confused smile “Pleasure to meet you Dr. Clark, take heed, for unforeseen wonders await us, enlightening ones; have fun…” he replied.

Dr. Grossenstein stepped through the mirror and was transported to an alien world, that which was native to me. Trembling from the sheer excitement of the secrets that lay beyond the domicile of Dr. Grossensteins home, I cautiously made my way up the cellar staircase. His residence was riddled with technological advancements that appeared to be at least two decades beyond our time; the walls appeared to be made of some non porous concrete, with large screens that displayed holograms enticing me to choose what appeared to be television networks, suddenly, a startling female voice broke the silence.
Wilkommen…bist du ein broder von Dr. Grossenstein?” the female voice began. This was unbelievable; this world has created artificial intelligence. Frightened yet wondrously attracted to the idea of conversing with perhaps the first and only form of Artificial intelligence I will probably come in contact with, I begrudgingly responded despite my initial precautious rules of negating contact with others of this plane…however, she doesn’t quite fit the description of a human being per se, onward I began.

I am Dr. Richard Clark, I am a nuclear physicist and a friend of Dr. Grossenstein. What is your name…computer?”, the voice stood silent for a moment, perhaps pondering why I would speak to her in an alien language…no, Dr. Grossenstein spoke English to me. “Dr. Richard Clark, I have not heard nor met anyone who speaks this form of Nordic derived speech, why do you commence with olden tongues not spoken for decades”- she replied. Olden tongues I thought, perhaps the English language has instead devolved to become, something Germanic in hopes of embracing its origins hard to believe the English language was abandoned…no this cannot be the case. “ I could not match your vocal or facial patterns to any known records, your strange nearly identical resemblance to Dr. Grossenstein, can only lead me towards further suspicion. Not to mention, you are missing an internal tracking device placed on all the citizens of New Amerika,” “Tracking device? and as a dark and grey haired man with black frame glasses and slim build I feel I shared little to no resemblance to Dr. Grossenstein” I thought to myself…what is this?

“Your gene expression also indicates evidence of certain impurities that would cause you worrisome trouble, to say the least”. “What kind of impurities are you referring to computer” I replied as I searched the room for any clues that could lead me towards a logical solution for the strange line of questioning. I could hear rambling trucks commencing to draw near the neighborhoods, when I suddenly walked closer towards the window to examine the outside world.
“Doctor, you recurrently mention the word computer, however my name is Engel…I am an Artificial intelligence that learns and self programs in order to enable proper service to those of the master race”, “Master race?” I replied, with a worrying tonality, this cant be? Can it be?030-future-cities-artworks
As I drew closer to the window I could see the colossal buildings towering near the skies, nearly no vegetation, the world had a despicable grey overtone to it, when I noticed the symbol that I had been neglecting to see all the long while it was apparent; blindingly apparent in every sense . But now as I stood there in both horror and awe it shows its face to me, unafraid and proud…the solid white swastika enclosed in a perfect circle among a piercing red flag. The buildings were littered with retro hand drawn signs of Nazi propaganda, A man standing on the moon, saluting the Nazi flag, a man in SS uniform requesting others to join and build a better future for the master race, the name written on it was barely legible to me…it took some effort to realize the name Dr.Grossenstein written on it…my heart dropped from the sheer horror, to think that the man I have led into my world was the architect of a twisted fascist universe in which the Nazis won WW2, and that this in fact was still New York, in a world of madness.

“Doctor, you are an imposter, such forms of genetic modifications are against the law…the authorities have been alerted… you stain the house of Dr. Grossenstein with your impurity, mutant!” she replied in a monotone voice that chilled me to my very core. I could hear a truck approaching, when suddenly I heard men banging at the door screaming in German…too quick to understand. “Diese ist die SS-Offizier, sie beherbergen, sind ein verbrecher, Die Tur offnen!
I ran as fast as I could towards the cellar, I needed to return back to my world, Dr. Grossenstein could probably talk his way out of this… yes, he is one of them, and surely they would not kill one of their own. I could hear the men break into the house, Engel was aiding them “Er wird in den keller gehen!”. It doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to know that she was referring to the cellar. I sealed the door behind me to the best of my ability, I could hear them running and shouting towards the door. I placed a bar in between the door latches, I was going to cross over and seal the door behind me and we would both be salvaged at my parallel plane. When I ran down the steps and approached the mirror, Hantz stood directly in front of me on the other side of the mirror. I paused as I realized that his hand was on the door switch and the power to my machinery had been restored. He stood there with an absent stare and slowly began to smirk, then he slowly replied…as you’ve probably guessed my name is not Dr. Grossenstein, the real Dr. Grossenstein is laying just a few feet away from where you stand inside a container. Ten years of planning, ten years of waiting for his device to be completed, and his sick experiments were not enough to satisfy his lust for power, the atomic weapon put us all at his mercy. It wasn’t enough to be the ruler of one universe, no…they had to find another and spread their disease of the master race. This stops here Dr. Clark, I will search for you until your existence is wiped from life itself… take a look at Dr. Grossenstein…you’ll find that would be unpleasantly surprised at what you see. Speechless, I removed the lid from the container; but to my disdain only to find myself laying in it…I was Dr. Grossenstein in this plane of existence, I was responsible for all of this. Do you see now good doctor…the men broke through the door and I yelled I am innocent to the young blonde man. Regretfully you are not; I know, I am your son, he said as he sealed the mirror shut.

Greetings and welcome to Horror lab, I would like to thank those who take the time to read my stories, credits to those in artworks displayed on this page, please comment if you would like a shout out or link to your artwork. Feel free to comment on story ideas or anything you would like to say. Next story to come: Interview with a Lycan


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